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So, I am trying to make a triumphant comeback to the LJ world, after many many months away. ('No, no, coming back now has nothing to do with upcoming qualifying exams and a near terminal need to procrastinate!' she said shiftily.)  I have been trying to get myself to post for a while, but every time I do I kept getting utterly defeated by the fact that I suck, a lot, at making anything on LJ post correctly. I have been laboring quietly over a picspam of Amanda Palmer and Leathermouth and MSI for an embarrasingly long time. I've... I've decided to give up. The pictures come out all terribly sized and it's enormously frustrating, and then, like there is some kind of malicious demon at work, they teleport all over the LJ page and I am just not capable of this kind of turmoil any longer. But in conclusion: Amanda Palmer is the most beautiful person I have ever had the fortune of seeing in person. Motherfucking christ. Okay, I'll try to post one picture. I KNOW IT WILL BE TERRIBLY SIZED. I JUST KNOW IT.

WHY ARE YOU SO TINY, AMANDA. Oh, well. See the hotness? Does it not make you want to expire with joy?

Anyway. How's spring going? The snow just melted here, but it's still very grey and muddy, and I can't wait for things to look green and alive again. Also I may fail out of grad school. And become a bookkeeper. It's a thought.

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You know that nightmare you have where at the end of the semester you realize you've been signed up for this class the whole time, only you didn't know, so you didn't go to any of the classes, takes any of the tests, or write any of the papers? And then during finals you find out and you're FUCKING SCREWED?

Yeah. That's my life right now.

At least it's not finals, though, right? Hah. I want to die. What happened was, I signed up to audit a course in Icthyology, because I already had a full complement of courses (our school recommends you only take 4 courses a semester, and you have to get permission to take 5). Plus, because I have a seminar on Mondays, I always miss one of the three weekly classes, so I thought it'd be best to audit it. I was really careful about making sure I signed up as an AUDIT, and not a GRADUATE course, and yet, somefuckinghow, that is what happened. Even though I checked it a billion times, got my advisor to sign off on it, got my professor to sign off on it, and RE-CHECKED at midterms. Now when I went and checked the page early last week, I found out somewhere along the line I either went crazy, or the computers did. Some one is crazy. I mean, I'm definitely crazy NOW, in that I want to die. Holy shit, guys. MY WORST NIGHTMARE, COME TRUE.

It's not enough that I have ten thousand other things to do. They're saying that I can't drop the course now, and I. I don't even know what to do. I'm going to meet with the dean in a few minutes. Wish me luck, guys. Please. I really need it. I'm almost in tears and I can't stop shaking and I feel like my chest is going to collapse.

In other news, OMG [ profile] softlyforgotten and [ profile] zarah5 have written the BEST FIC EVER. Here. In the event that I am forced to make up ALL THE WORK FROM THIS CLASS AND PROBABLY FAIL IT ANYWAY, I am going to just hide in my apartment for the rest of my life and re-read this for all eternity.



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