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fOkay, so, I was filling a drabble prompt over at [ profile] we_pimpin, the Ray Person Appreciation community (because Ray is the motherfucking answer, in case you didn't know already), and somehow this happened instead. I don't even know.

Title: Take Two Marines (And Call Me In The Morning)
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating/Pairing: Brad/Nate/Ray, NC-17.
Notes/Thanks: This takes place right after Ray leaves the football field in the Bomb in the Garden episode, and is my version of fix-it fic. I wanted to give Ray a giant hug at the end of the show, and, so. Uh. Instead I wrote him a threesome, which is like a hug, but better? ...WHAT, RAY WOULD TOTALLY THINK SO. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Also, this wouldn't have been possible without the cheerleading and magnificent beta-work of [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] brimtoast. Seriously, it would all be nonsense and porn gibberish without them. <3<3<3

ay, there's the rub )
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Title: O Captain, My Captain
Fandom: Temeraire
Pairing/Rating: Laurence/Temeraire, and NC-17, I reckon. YEP.
Summary: The prompt was "Transformation stuff - Laurence and Temeraire discover some sort of magic plot device artifact which allows them to change from human to dragon, or the other way around, or both. Sexytimes ensue, obviously." Totally ran with that last bit.
AN: Hearts and stars to my lovely betas and cheerleaders, [ profile] brimtoast and [ profile] fictionalfaerie and [ profile] shiningartifact, who took it very well when I told them I was writing dragon porn. ...eerily well, even. *eyes them*

"Laurence!" the man said, in tones of the greatest delight, and put his hands on Laurence's cheeks. )
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Another ficlet from the [ profile] help_haiti  Lightning Round! It is taking me forever to get these out, I am sorry. :|  It was a busy week, and also I have fallen head over heels for White Collar. PETER BURKE. YOU SEXY FBI MINX.


Title: If This Is A Family Reunion, I Wasn't Invited
Rating: Gen
Notes: [ profile] regonym gave one of the most awesome, appropriate prompts ever and I finally got it out of my head and into words: a conversation between Death and one of the members of the Umbrella Academy. This takes place in the short story at the end of The Apocalypse Suite, "...But The Past Ain't Through With You." Thanks as always to my beta, [ profile] brimtoast, who (also as always) made this a better story than it would have been on its own. And hugs forever to [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who is the best cheerleader out.

ETA: And regonym then did a REALLY LOVELY THING and made this into a podfic, and it is wonderful, go listen immediately!

and we all get together when we bury our friends )
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Title: Observer Effect
Rating/Pairing: Klaus/Allison, PG
Notes: This was written for [ profile] help_haiti  auction, and contains spoilers for The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas. It is X-posted at AO3. Thanks go to [ profile] manonlechat for being AWESOME and requesting this, and to [ profile] fictionalfaerie for the handholding. ♥

ETA: And also thanks to [ profile] regonym, who was fantastic and made this into a podfic, which you can download here! *__*

Klaus talks to ghosts. )
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Title: Sea Change
Rating/Pairing: Laurence/Tharkay, PG
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti  auction, and is X-posted at AO3. This is Tharkay's POV on a scene from the end of Victory of Eagles; one or two lines of dialogue are lifted directly from the text. Also, huge huge HUGE thanks to [ profile] brimtoast for the beta and to [ profile] fishiemishie for the bid and prompt!


A man did like to be missed, on occasion. )


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Title: First Crossing
Rating: PG, gen
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti auction. The prompt was a dragon POV, and I... well, I ran with it, and this is a touch cracky, but was so fun to write. It takes place in the distant, murky future of the series, and is likely to be thoroughly jossed in a couple months by Tongues of Serpents. Huge thanks to [ profile] _workinprogress for bidding, and also to my lovely beta-readers, [ profile] brimtoast and [ profile] fictionalfaerie, for their help. (X-posted at AO3)

"Clearly your egg will not wait for a convenient time, either; I am not much surprised. Make haste, Mr. Dorset, let us bring the egg further out on deck. And have the men halt the proceedings; we will celebrate this crossing of the Equator in a much more auspicious fashion than usual, I think." )
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Title: A Guided Tour of the October Country: Please Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Wind of Death At All Times
Pairing/Prompt: for the [ profile] no_tags exchange: Frank/Gerard, Halloween
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings: strong language, mummy costume, cuteness, vomit
Notes: This is a loose AU of Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree, but you don't need to have any knowledge of the canon to read this. Also, I have the best betas in the world. [ profile] softlyforgotten soothed me in the depths of my madness and was a fantastic cheerleader, and oh man, this fic would be SO TERRIBLE without the loving thrashing that [ profile] brimtoast gave it, she is my hero. Seriously.  ♥


That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. )
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Title: These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For
Pairing/Prompt: Patrick, gen, IN SPACE
Rating: PG
Warnings: crack. oh man. such crack.
Notes: STAR WARS AU. THAT'S RIGHT. YOU HEARD ME. Also, this was intended to be much longer, but, well. There may be a sequel in the not so distant future. IN A GALAXY RIGHT HERE.
Also, huge thanks to my lovely betas and handholders, [ profile] airgiodslv and [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who listened to me rant and descend into madness over the course of writing this. PINCH HITS, MAN. I CAN NEVER RESIST THEM.


A Jedi walks into a bar... )


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So, [profile] t_lyrical  last week posted this stunningly, painfully hot picture (scroll down a bit past the other awesome pics and check out the colored version) as a birthday present for [ profile] softlyforgotten, and I found myself constantly going back to admire it. This, I thought, this deserves a commentfic. LOOK AT IT. So I started writing, and then I kept writing, and kept writing... Then I stopped for a moment, and thought, 'Huh. You know, I don't think this will actually fit in the comments. WHAT HAVE I DONE.' I admit, I am incredibly nervous about posting this--my first public porn fic! I want a party. And a plaque. But then, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised this fic went into NC-17 territory, given the picture that inspired it. I'll give you a moment to go look at it again. AREN'T YOU INSPIRED? FILTHILY INSPIRED? TELL HER. MAKE HER DRAW MORE. So, yes. This is unofficially set in the alt!BPW 'verse [ profile] softlyforgotten and I created in her comments, but I think it probably can stand alone. Still, you should probably read the ficlets preceding this (here, here, and here), because Mik's Laurence and Granby are not to be missed.

ETA: I would also like to thank [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who I forced to read this at like 3 AM, even though she knew none of the characters and was fairly drunk, and she still assured me it was hot and that I was an idiot. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, GUYS. <3

Again, I am super nervous about posting the porn, so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and doted upon.

Title: Uncharted
Fandom: Temeraire
Warnings/Ratings: NC-17 threesome. Yep
Disclaimer: Not mine in the slightest.
Word Count: 5600
AN: Dedicated to [profile] t_lyrical  for being ridiculously awesome, and to [ profile] softlyforgotten for talking me down from a ledge and gently convincing me to take out the occasional purple prose that wandered in.
Summary: Tharkay watches; Laurence and Granby notice.

so i will walk without care, beat my snare; look like a man who means business )

SO YEAH, THAT HAPPENED. Now, back to the epic AUs which I have been neglecting. GUYS, STOP INSPIRING ME, SERIOUSLY. I will never get anything done at this rate.
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I had the perfect birthday ficlet in mind for [ profile] softlyforgotten . This is not that ficlet, unfortunately. This is not even her birthday. What this is an utterly self-indulgent crossover that got entirely out of hand, but I dedicate it to her anyway, since she is likely the only one that I can shanghai into joining the tiniest, most ridiculous fandom ever. This is set towards the end of Victory of Eagles, in a very, very vague way.

Title: Three Candles Lit
Fandom: Temeraire/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (I KNOW *facepalm*)
Warnings/Ratings: PG-13 and entirely unbeta'd
Pairings: Laurence/Other, Laurence/Granby/Tharkay

not long, not long my father said/not long shall you be ours )

and for your edification, the eponymous ballad )
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So [ profile] fictionalfaerie  was upset and sad, which I am bitterly opposed to, so I thought I’d finally finish one of the Merlin prompts she gave me to try and cheer her up. Instead, this happened. Um. Sorry, bb! I promise I love you! Have some tortured!Merlin.

Title: The Sword and the Faith
Pairing/Rating: Merlin/Arthur pre-slash. Or gen, if you like. PG-13 for implied violence
Disclaimer: Merlin and Arthur belong to the world! These particular characterizations belong to the BBC, though.
Word Count: 900
Summary: A group of insurgents kidnap Arthur’s pet sorcerer; Arthur takes this very poorly.
Warnings: Implications of torture and general slaughter, nothing on-screen, though. Also, un-betaed. Title from MCR's Desert Song.

ETA: The lovely [ profile] regonym has done a podfic for this! *runs gleefully in circles* You can download it here, and be sure to leave a comment at tell her how awesome she is!

carry on through cartilage and fluid )
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And lo, after a dry spell that spanned months, I finally write some fic, and I suspect it is not fic that any of you are interested in! Whoops. What can I say, I am a sucker for rare fandoms. And Napoleonic Europe. And dragons. And awkward epic pining gay love affairs. But never fear, I will return to bandom shortly. The ghostfic is being a bitch, but it is coming along. Also, apparently I am a loser and I CAN post pictures, so you should expect an epic picspam shortly. Ish.

On with the dragons! And gay love!

Title: To Timbuktu (And Back Again)
Fandom: His Majesty's Dragon
Author: [ profile] novembersmith
Pairing/Rating: Laurence/Tharkay, PG-13ish?
Words: 5700
Disclaimer: Naomi Novik owns these characters, and also my undying gratitude for creating the most fantastic world ever and being generally awesome.
Summary: In which Arkady manages to be a great nuisance, despite never appearing in the story, and Tharkay is thoroughly unsettled.

AN and Warnings: This is a post-Victory of Eagles story, so there are probably spoilers within for the entire series. This story is essentially a giant pile of fluff. I finished VoE and was rending my breast and so forth, and then I decided to be proactive about it. The title is from the musical Oliver, and, if you're interested, the pistols in this story are largely inspired by this vision of loveliness--just picture it as a flintlock instead of a multishot revolver, and a great deal sparklier, and you have it. (And this is totally off-topic, but God, the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Met gives me such a nerdgasm, seriously. Merlin fans! Get thee hence! THERE ARE SUITS OF ARMOR.)

I'd also like to extend enormous thanks to my betas, [ profile] applegnat and [ profile] wilhelmina_d, who looked this over and pointed out egregious errors and made this fic infinitely better than it would have been otherwise. They are awesome, and any errors are my own. Feel free to point them out, or engage me in a discussion about 19th century history and colonialism! Mmm, history. <3

would you lace my shoe? paint your face bright blue? catch a kangaroo? go to timbuktu? )
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Haven't posted this anywhere 'cause I'm shy as hell. Maybe one day.

Read more... )


Oct. 7th, 2003 10:49 pm
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I wrote this disturbing bit of POTC drabble.

Fear me.

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