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Another ficlet from the [ profile] help_haiti  Lightning Round! It is taking me forever to get these out, I am sorry. :|  It was a busy week, and also I have fallen head over heels for White Collar. PETER BURKE. YOU SEXY FBI MINX.


Title: If This Is A Family Reunion, I Wasn't Invited
Rating: Gen
Notes: [ profile] regonym gave one of the most awesome, appropriate prompts ever and I finally got it out of my head and into words: a conversation between Death and one of the members of the Umbrella Academy. This takes place in the short story at the end of The Apocalypse Suite, "...But The Past Ain't Through With You." Thanks as always to my beta, [ profile] brimtoast, who (also as always) made this a better story than it would have been on its own. And hugs forever to [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who is the best cheerleader out.

ETA: And regonym then did a REALLY LOVELY THING and made this into a podfic, and it is wonderful, go listen immediately!

and we all get together when we bury our friends )
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Title: Observer Effect
Rating/Pairing: Klaus/Allison, PG
Notes: This was written for [ profile] help_haiti  auction, and contains spoilers for The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas. It is X-posted at AO3. Thanks go to [ profile] manonlechat for being AWESOME and requesting this, and to [ profile] fictionalfaerie for the handholding. ♥

ETA: And also thanks to [ profile] regonym, who was fantastic and made this into a podfic, which you can download here! *__*

Klaus talks to ghosts. )
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Title: Sea Change
Rating/Pairing: Laurence/Tharkay, PG
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti  auction, and is X-posted at AO3. This is Tharkay's POV on a scene from the end of Victory of Eagles; one or two lines of dialogue are lifted directly from the text. Also, huge huge HUGE thanks to [ profile] brimtoast for the beta and to [ profile] fishiemishie for the bid and prompt!


A man did like to be missed, on occasion. )


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Title: First Crossing
Rating: PG, gen
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti auction. The prompt was a dragon POV, and I... well, I ran with it, and this is a touch cracky, but was so fun to write. It takes place in the distant, murky future of the series, and is likely to be thoroughly jossed in a couple months by Tongues of Serpents. Huge thanks to [ profile] _workinprogress for bidding, and also to my lovely beta-readers, [ profile] brimtoast and [ profile] fictionalfaerie, for their help. (X-posted at AO3)

"Clearly your egg will not wait for a convenient time, either; I am not much surprised. Make haste, Mr. Dorset, let us bring the egg further out on deck. And have the men halt the proceedings; we will celebrate this crossing of the Equator in a much more auspicious fashion than usual, I think." )
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HARK! I am going to be obnoxious and wave around my two [ profile] help_haiti threads one last time. The auction ends tomorrow at 12 PM, EST, so there is still time to own my soul and make me do your bidding!

I'm offering a 5,000 word fic and a 10,000 word fic here! And it is entirely possible I will wind up writing more than the minimum words, because I cannot write anything without going hugely overboard. Fandoms up for grabs are: Bandom, Temeraire, The Demon's Lexicon, Sherlock Holmes 2009, Indiana Jones, Jonanthan Strange & Mr Norrell, Due South, Supernatural, Star Trek: Reboot, Merlin, Harry Potter, Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards, His Dark Materials, anything by Neil Gaiman, Lewis, Generation Kill, and The Umbrella Academy.

And, maybe more excitingly, I'm offering fifteen 500 word ficlets for a flat rate of FIVE DOLLARS EACH (although, of course you can donate more if you want! *g*). But seriously, FIVE DOLLARS to a hugely good cause, and I will write you pretty much anything you want. Throw whatever fandoms, pairings, and wacky scenarios you want at me! Filthy porn crossovers or fluffy gen futurefic, I will do my best to fulfill them all. Also, well. It should be said that my whole "500 words maximum, and 1000 is my ABSOLUTE LIMIT!" thing is a lie, as the ficlets I've already written are more like 700-1800 words. :D
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Well, I love writing drabbles, right? And I miss Yuletide and the fun of writing in tiny crazy fandoms, and I was feeling bad that people got outbid on my longer stories, and. And. 

Right, basically, long story short: I went insane, and now I'm offering fifteen teensy ficlets in the lightning round of [ profile] help_haiti.

Minimum bid is $5 dollars! You could make me write Hannibal Goes to Hogwarts or Gerard Attemps Roller Derby or Zombies In Space! ANYTHING GOES.


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Sooooo, it has just occurred to me that perhaps some people in the world think Charleston is pretty cool? I mean, it is not nearly as cool as some of the places people are offering boxes from (ISTANBUL *__*), but it is a pretty amazing city, with a ton of local history and culture, so I am offering up a box of goodies for [ profile] help_haiti, too.

Seashells, sanddollars, fossils, postcards, taffy, benne wafers, palmetto roses, potentially other fun stuff depending on how things go. Hurrah, an excuse to go beach combing! Winter beaches are one of my absolute favorite things in the world, and Sullivan's Island is especially brilliant this time of year.

Also, I should mention that I will be talking to some College of Charleston professors and asking if they have any interesting local things they might want to contribute, so seriously, the box should be a fairly interesting one. I'm looking forward to putting it together.
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Just as an FYI, I went ahead and made my offer at [ profile] help_haiti, and if anyone is interested, here is the gist of it:

I am offering:
One story of at least 5000 words
One story of at least 10000 words

Fandoms (if appropriate):
Bandom (MCR-centric, I'm afraid), the Temeraire series, The Demon's Lexicon, Sherlock Holmes 2009, Indiana Jones, Jonanthan Strange & Mr Norrell, Due South, Supernatural, Star Trek: Reboot, Merlin, Harry Potter, Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards, His Dark Materials, anything by Neil Gaiman, Lewis, Generation Kill, The Umbrella Academy

Additional Info (optional):
I am pretty much down for whatever. I love gen and porn and everything in between. I'm pretty open to odd pairings, and I'll write slash, preslash, femmeslash, kinks, and occasionally threesomes. Crossovers between fandoms are great, AUs are delighted in. If you want a sequel to a previous fic I've written, that's also on the table.

Starting Bid:
$5 for the 5000 word story
$10 for the 10000 word story

So, yeah, if any of that sounds appealing to you, mosey over here!
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So, I was just feeling low and awful that I am extremely broke and also ill right now, and so can't donate any blood or money to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. And then I found this comm, [ profile] help_haiti. And you guys, I don't know if anyone is interested, but I will totally be offering up fics for this. So if there are any stories you've been wanting me to finish (besides ghostfic, okay, WE'LL GET TO THAT LATER) or a pairing you want to request,  ANYTHING, all of my fandoms are up for grabs, and I have a lot. I am a fandom slut, okay. The Demon's Lexicon, Sherlock Holmes, bandom, Indiana Jones, Jonanthan Strange & Mr Norrell, Temeraire, Due South, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Star Trek: TOS and Reboot,  Merlin, Batman, FtA RP fic, WHATEVER. Harry Potter, Gentlemen Bastards, Neil Gaiman, Stargate Atlantis, Everwood, Torchwood, Lewis, Generation Kill, Umbrella Academy. I could go on. If you suspect there is some fandom I would write that I have neglected to mention, comment and ask me!

But yes. This is my pre-pimping post. *g* I would love to be able to contribute and help somehow, even if it's in a small way. And it just makes me feel better, even if I can't offer a lot, to be reminded how amazing fandom really is. It's just so fucking fantastic, the way people pull together and offer their help at times like this. I seriously love you all, even the people I don't know well yet. <3

In other cheering news, the [ profile] no_tags bandom exchange fics are up! GO AND WALLOW IN THE LOVELINESS! I am still plowing my way happily through them, but I will probably create a recs post later. And, oy, the yulerecs will be continuing. That Yuletide, you guys. It generates a lot of awesome.

In addition, I have another bit of awesome to pimp you all: if you like Kradam, and you like podfic, my darling dearest [ profile] brimtoast has just put up an AMAZING file. It is the first half of Paper Gangsta, and seriously, her voice is like candy. Like chocolate! It is a joy to listen to. AND NOT TO GIVE ANYTHING AWAY, BUT SHE SINGS A TINY BIT. AND IT IS LOVELY. So go, go download!


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