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Can I get a motherfucking drumroll, guys? The story I have had in my head for years--literally, for years--is done. Not entirely. I'm not completely satisfied with it. But the bones of all the major scenes, I've got them laid out and arranged, and wow. Done. And in time for bandom big bang. I am verklempt. And, uh, about to edit as though my life depended on it for the next month, but still. DONE, YOU GUYS. DONE. 85K (probably more when I'm done with it). I am fucking insane, and also? TRIUMPHANT.


So, I am hella behind on comments and flists and book discussions, but I will catch up! Possibly after a long series of naps. And then I will resume work on numerous other fics I am meant to be writing. ...I am a lunatic. BUT STILL.


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Well, I love writing drabbles, right? And I miss Yuletide and the fun of writing in tiny crazy fandoms, and I was feeling bad that people got outbid on my longer stories, and. And. 

Right, basically, long story short: I went insane, and now I'm offering fifteen teensy ficlets in the lightning round of [ profile] help_haiti.

Minimum bid is $5 dollars! You could make me write Hannibal Goes to Hogwarts or Gerard Attemps Roller Derby or Zombies In Space! ANYTHING GOES.


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Today was an Icon Day. I did a lot of scooting around on the internet, collecting icons and squirreling them away and probably spending way too much time coming up with the appropriate keywords. Then I thought, "Self, what you are missing is a dragon icon." And it dawned on me that I actually had some dragon pictures that I'd taken way back in the day. I fretted a while and eyed the computer warily and finally decided to bite the bullet, take the plunge, and other cliches besides those, and make an icon MYSELF. I know, it surprised me too.

What that boils down to is this: I wound up going through all my folders of photographs from Thailand and Vietnam and West Africa, and made a few icons. Don't ask how long it took me. Because the answer is: EMBARRASSINGLY LONG. I didn't even do anything fancy! I just made pictures smaller and more square and it was somehow the most difficult thing ever. Grad school has nothing on this nonsense. You people that make icons with text, and things that move! I am boggled, and also suspicious that witchcraft is involved.

Anyway, these are probably a bit crap, since they are my first, fumbling effort, but you guys are welcome to have at:

i love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place )

So yeah! That happened. I thought about writing long and involved stories about each picture, but I wound up tearing my hair out trying to get it to format correctly. WHY IS EVERYTHING ON A COMPUTER SO INHERENTLY DIFFICULT. But yeah, if you want to know more about one of the icons, just ask and I will ramble at you incessantly about buddhist temples and Ficus benghalensis and James Bond. *g*


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