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This is for my darling, [ profile] softlyforgotten: a very very belated birthday gift (I started it thinking it'd be possibly 5000 words. AHAHAHA.) Mik, it is possible that no one else in the world will find this the slightest bit appealing, but I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Title: Carrying Dangerous Goods
Fandom: Generation Kill/Temeraire
Pairings: Brad/Ray, Brad/OFC, Ray/OMC+one Temeraire character
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~46,000

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Summary: From the Signal Code of the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Aerial Corps: B, or Bravo -- I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.
Author's Note: This is a story about Ray and Brad growing up together. Also, there are dragons.


Okay, so basically I shoved the GK boys into 19th century Napoleonic England, added Naomi Novik's dragons, shook vigorously, and then RAN LIKE THE HELL hoped for the best. I tried to keep the dialogue as true to the characters AND to the period as possible, probably with mixed success. There's no spoilers for the Generation Kill series within; there is for the Temeraire universe, however, particularly the third book, Black Powder War, though most of the events of the books happen outside the parameters of this fic.

If you are unfamiliar with the Temeraire universe, basically the premise is this: humanity has always co-existed with an intelligent species of dragons, who form strong bonds with individuals, their captains, and were an instrumental part of the British military during the Napoleonic wars (and, uh, other wars, too, but that is not entirely relevant at the moment). Hopefully the fic is mostly self-explanatory, but there are a few key facts to keep in mind: one being that dragons choose their captains upon leaving the shell, and another being that the Aerial Corp is in some ways very different from average British society of the time. For example, one particularly important breed of dragon, the Longwing, which spits acid and was often crucial to military endeavors, would only take on female captains. Yes. The Corps has female military captains, with full equivalency to any male in any other part of the military. You can imagine this would cause a bit of a to-do in traditional 19th century British society, so it was kept a bit hush-hush unless absolutely necessary.

If there are any questions re: the Temeraire universe or draconic terminology, this wiki should help.

If there are any questions re: 19th century British slang, this e-book from Project Gutenburg should help. (PS THEY USED TO CALL THE PENIS A SUGAR STICK. JSYK, I AM HUGELY AMUSED. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH WRITING THIS FIC.)

Also, now is the time I heap thanks on a billion people. Tons of you have read snippets and sometimes the entire shebang, and were utterly fantastic, and much thanks to you all, but I'd like to specifically thank [ profile] laliandra, [ profile] shiningartifact, and [ profile] brimtoast[ profile] laliandra was a total darling and agreed to help me brit-pick this monster, despite having no idea who any of the GK boys are. I heart her forever. [ profile] brimtoast, beta extraordinaire, who pointed out numerous typographical and pacing issues, and poked me until I elaborated on both plot and porn. Thank you for your pithy, insightful comments, as ever, bbdoll. And [ profile] shiningartifact, who held my hand every step of the way and convinced me this wasn't all a load of total twaddle, and was a fantastic beta besides. I cannot thank any of them enough.

Also, one day there will likely be a sequel. One day. ONE DAY. I have it plotted out and everything, But, um, don’t hold your breath, because it will be a while for sure. :|
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Title: O Captain, My Captain
Fandom: Temeraire
Pairing/Rating: Laurence/Temeraire, and NC-17, I reckon. YEP.
Summary: The prompt was "Transformation stuff - Laurence and Temeraire discover some sort of magic plot device artifact which allows them to change from human to dragon, or the other way around, or both. Sexytimes ensue, obviously." Totally ran with that last bit.
AN: Hearts and stars to my lovely betas and cheerleaders, [ profile] brimtoast and [ profile] fictionalfaerie and [ profile] shiningartifact, who took it very well when I told them I was writing dragon porn. ...eerily well, even. *eyes them*

"Laurence!" the man said, in tones of the greatest delight, and put his hands on Laurence's cheeks. )


Apr. 3rd, 2010 11:48 am
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Thank you to everyone for their loveliness in my last post--my aunt is doing better. Not great, but better. Anyway, your comments were like hugs when I needed them most, so seriously, thank you.

Also, okay, I have REALLY EXCITING NEWS. And somewhat less exciting news to follow. BUT FIRST:

OMG GUYS LOOK: EEEEE. Kara, my darling dearest, recorded my crazy Guided Tour to the October Country fic and it is fabulous and she captures the Frank and the Gerard voices so well. *flails all over town* Seriously, the whole thing is delicious and shivery and just like I imagined it. And she did a crazy fantastic job, especially since I liberally splashed the whole fic with random Egyptian words and shit. Poor Karalarabelle. <3

Also, ahaha, for those of you who didn't guess, I am de-anoning and owning up: I wrote the Laurence/human!Temeraire fic for the Temeraire Kink Meme. Oh, yes. OF COURSE I DID. Anyway, I am schlepping it up on AO3 and will post it here to LJ and  to some of the Temeraire comms for completeness' sake in a moment. So, uh, sorry if you see dragon porn all over your flists for a bit.

Anyway, I still owe about ten thousand fics, and I am sorry! I promise I am working on them all. I am just terrible at brevity. And timeliness. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Expect evidence of this to appear in the next few days.
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Title: Sea Change
Rating/Pairing: Laurence/Tharkay, PG
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti  auction, and is X-posted at AO3. This is Tharkay's POV on a scene from the end of Victory of Eagles; one or two lines of dialogue are lifted directly from the text. Also, huge huge HUGE thanks to [ profile] brimtoast for the beta and to [ profile] fishiemishie for the bid and prompt!


A man did like to be missed, on occasion. )


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Title: First Crossing
Rating: PG, gen
Notes: This was written for the Lightning Round in the [ profile] help_haiti auction. The prompt was a dragon POV, and I... well, I ran with it, and this is a touch cracky, but was so fun to write. It takes place in the distant, murky future of the series, and is likely to be thoroughly jossed in a couple months by Tongues of Serpents. Huge thanks to [ profile] _workinprogress for bidding, and also to my lovely beta-readers, [ profile] brimtoast and [ profile] fictionalfaerie, for their help. (X-posted at AO3)

"Clearly your egg will not wait for a convenient time, either; I am not much surprised. Make haste, Mr. Dorset, let us bring the egg further out on deck. And have the men halt the proceedings; we will celebrate this crossing of the Equator in a much more auspicious fashion than usual, I think." )
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Mmmm, how better to procrastinate on life and my faux-Big Bang than with an icon meme?

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose. (ETA: I am using the[ profile] softlyforgotten variant, in which you write a story snippet instead of talking willy nilly.)
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[ profile] softlyforgotten chose my icons with what I feel is a slight degree of malice, but I will sally forth anyhow.

Some are original, some are snippets from WiPs, and some are entirely blasphemous and likely to get me struck down dead by divine wrath before dinner.  )

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So, [profile] t_lyrical  last week posted this stunningly, painfully hot picture (scroll down a bit past the other awesome pics and check out the colored version) as a birthday present for [ profile] softlyforgotten, and I found myself constantly going back to admire it. This, I thought, this deserves a commentfic. LOOK AT IT. So I started writing, and then I kept writing, and kept writing... Then I stopped for a moment, and thought, 'Huh. You know, I don't think this will actually fit in the comments. WHAT HAVE I DONE.' I admit, I am incredibly nervous about posting this--my first public porn fic! I want a party. And a plaque. But then, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised this fic went into NC-17 territory, given the picture that inspired it. I'll give you a moment to go look at it again. AREN'T YOU INSPIRED? FILTHILY INSPIRED? TELL HER. MAKE HER DRAW MORE. So, yes. This is unofficially set in the alt!BPW 'verse [ profile] softlyforgotten and I created in her comments, but I think it probably can stand alone. Still, you should probably read the ficlets preceding this (here, here, and here), because Mik's Laurence and Granby are not to be missed.

ETA: I would also like to thank [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who I forced to read this at like 3 AM, even though she knew none of the characters and was fairly drunk, and she still assured me it was hot and that I was an idiot. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, GUYS. <3

Again, I am super nervous about posting the porn, so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and doted upon.

Title: Uncharted
Fandom: Temeraire
Warnings/Ratings: NC-17 threesome. Yep
Disclaimer: Not mine in the slightest.
Word Count: 5600
AN: Dedicated to [profile] t_lyrical  for being ridiculously awesome, and to [ profile] softlyforgotten for talking me down from a ledge and gently convincing me to take out the occasional purple prose that wandered in.
Summary: Tharkay watches; Laurence and Granby notice.

so i will walk without care, beat my snare; look like a man who means business )

SO YEAH, THAT HAPPENED. Now, back to the epic AUs which I have been neglecting. GUYS, STOP INSPIRING ME, SERIOUSLY. I will never get anything done at this rate.
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It just so happens that when [ profile] softlyforgotten and I ramble and glee at each other, it tends to spawn ficlets. And it was getting unwieldy going back through our epic conversations to find the bits I wanted to reread, so I thought, okay, fine. I'll just steal them all and put them in one convenient location. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THE FOLLOWING SNIPPETS, SO DON'T CONTINUE READING UNLESS YOU HAVE AT LEAST FINISHED BLACK POWDER WAR. OKAY? OKAY.

[ profile] softlyforgotten got us started by quoting a passage from BPW:

For a moment Laurence wavered on the verge; then his first lieutenant, Granby, was pulling him away. They staggered back together, Laurence half-blind and nearly falling into Granby's arms; his breath would not quite come, rapid and shallow, and his eyes were burning. Granby dragged him partway down the steps, and then another torrent of water carried them in a rush the rest of the way, to fetch up against one of the forty-two-pounder carronades on the forecastle.

Followed by her saying "I am CONVINCED that what actually should have come after that was some desperate kissing." At which I leapt in shamelessly and said OMG YES DO IT OMG. And then she did.

It begins... )

It continues... )

Still going... )

Next, there was a discussion about how Laurence would probably be fairly shameless and up for anything once you got him through that "OMG GAY SEX THE HORROR" stage, and we somehow would up talking about how Laurence would be the smugest, most possessive boyfriend ever. Which of course I could not leave alone:

And going and going... )

Like the Energizer Bunny, in a way... )

Then there is a random pining!Laurence snippet I wrote which could be slotted in wherever, I suppose. It's very random. And full of pining.

And there's still more... )

BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE, LADIES AND GENTS. No, that was all from only ONE BOOK REVIEW POST. We are prolific in our commenting, and in the next post, we sucked [ profile] t_lyrical down with us. MUAHAHAHA. I mean. It was totally unintentional. ...yes. You can see her AWESOME CROSS-DRESSING GRANBY here.

Also within this post, we began discussing the always-a-girl!trope, with me expressing doubt and [ profile] softlyforgotten urgently and convincingly campaigning for its awesomeness with snippets such as this:

And then it switched genders! )

Twice, even. )


So, unless I have missed something, those are the Epic Fic Conversations of [ profile] softlyforgotten and [ profile] novembersmith , immortalized in all their glory and typos as one massive post. All shall marvel at our crack and despair. :)

ETA: I FUCKING HATE HTML AND THE RICH TEXT EDITOR AUGH OMG. If you guys see any egregious errors, let me know. I'll be over here gibbering quietly.
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In other news, I am still running around like a madwoman and having doubts about my career choices. Which, uh, I suppose is a more pressing problem, so I will focus on the porn instead. OMGWTFBBQ. But yes. How are your lives? Tell me about your WiPs, your hopes, your dreams. Etc.

ETA: Since the porn is not for my bandom friends, I can only offer this as a consolation: some slightly lame icons of my ONE TRUE OTP FOREVER OMG AND IT'S EVEN CANON REAL:


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I had the perfect birthday ficlet in mind for [ profile] softlyforgotten . This is not that ficlet, unfortunately. This is not even her birthday. What this is an utterly self-indulgent crossover that got entirely out of hand, but I dedicate it to her anyway, since she is likely the only one that I can shanghai into joining the tiniest, most ridiculous fandom ever. This is set towards the end of Victory of Eagles, in a very, very vague way.

Title: Three Candles Lit
Fandom: Temeraire/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (I KNOW *facepalm*)
Warnings/Ratings: PG-13 and entirely unbeta'd
Pairings: Laurence/Other, Laurence/Granby/Tharkay

not long, not long my father said/not long shall you be ours )

and for your edification, the eponymous ballad )


Mar. 20th, 2009 09:06 pm
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18,000 words and I have achieved only platonic snuggling. /o\

So have a snippet from an entirely unrelated story which I may or may not continue. Tharkay's introduction in Black Powder War from his POV.

The dining room went queerly silent after Tharkay entered, as though someone had dropped a china plate or set a crystal glass ringing. )


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Last March I got in a pretty bad car accident and cracked my sternum, and it took ages to heal, and even after it healed, there was this dull, constant ache whenever it got cold out. Plus, I got to do that thing where I could rub my chest thoughtfully and say, "Ayup, storm's a-coming. I feel it in my bones." But aside from the occasional twinge, it was better.

Then, today I went to move a cabinet and motherfucking god on a popsicle pogostick, I think I re-cracked it somehow, because it HURTS. And all my heavy-duty painkillers are long gone and ARGHASDKLADSF. WHY. I CANNOT EVEN BREATHE. I already couldn't breathe through my nose because of all the snot, and now I cannot breathe at all. I don't remember any black cats walking under ladders or broken mirrors, but hot damn, y'all. What the everloving fuck, for real.

In other news, people are being awesome on the internet. Here, have some Temeraire kidfic recs:

[ profile] t_lyrical  wrote an ABSOLUTELY DARLING little!Laurence fic, Aviators and Sailors, which basically makes me want to die of glee and cuteness. Toy ships! Long-suffering brothers! SWOOPING. If you have somehow missed it, get thee hence.

Then there was another fic of adorable and win, by [ profile] softlyforgotten , and you should all go and plead with her immediately for more. If the Children Don't Grow Up is absolutely beautiful and even though the premise is sort of cracky, it's gorgeously executed and the interaction between Laurence, Tharkay, and Granby is fantastic. (OH TEA THREE <3 <3).

Also there is a new Supernatural tonight! So that is nice.

Now I'm off to go lay down and try not to move ever again.


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So, there's this awesome fic meme in [ profile] t_lyrical's journal where you write a sentence-long fic for each genre (AU, angst, crack, etc...), and her Temeraire version was so awesome I thought, hey, I'll give it a shot.

Then halfway through I realized it was supposed to be a TEN WORD LONG SENTENCE. HAHAHA. *facepalm*

So, for extra lulz, try to pinpoint the fics I wrote before and after I had this revelation! Not that I followed the rules anyway, because TEN WORDS. Do you know how short that is? FIFTEEN WORDS, OKAY. That is what I require. Except when I require seventy words.

Laurence/Tharkay/Granby (spoilers through Victory of Eagles) )

I was planning on doing a Merlin/Arthur series, but I'm too busy collapsing in a heap of fail now. Maybe tomorrow. it wrong that I am tempted to write more of the crack!fic? It's totally wrong, isn't it?

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And lo, after a dry spell that spanned months, I finally write some fic, and I suspect it is not fic that any of you are interested in! Whoops. What can I say, I am a sucker for rare fandoms. And Napoleonic Europe. And dragons. And awkward epic pining gay love affairs. But never fear, I will return to bandom shortly. The ghostfic is being a bitch, but it is coming along. Also, apparently I am a loser and I CAN post pictures, so you should expect an epic picspam shortly. Ish.

On with the dragons! And gay love!

Title: To Timbuktu (And Back Again)
Fandom: His Majesty's Dragon
Author: [ profile] novembersmith
Pairing/Rating: Laurence/Tharkay, PG-13ish?
Words: 5700
Disclaimer: Naomi Novik owns these characters, and also my undying gratitude for creating the most fantastic world ever and being generally awesome.
Summary: In which Arkady manages to be a great nuisance, despite never appearing in the story, and Tharkay is thoroughly unsettled.

AN and Warnings: This is a post-Victory of Eagles story, so there are probably spoilers within for the entire series. This story is essentially a giant pile of fluff. I finished VoE and was rending my breast and so forth, and then I decided to be proactive about it. The title is from the musical Oliver, and, if you're interested, the pistols in this story are largely inspired by this vision of loveliness--just picture it as a flintlock instead of a multishot revolver, and a great deal sparklier, and you have it. (And this is totally off-topic, but God, the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Met gives me such a nerdgasm, seriously. Merlin fans! Get thee hence! THERE ARE SUITS OF ARMOR.)

I'd also like to extend enormous thanks to my betas, [ profile] applegnat and [ profile] wilhelmina_d, who looked this over and pointed out egregious errors and made this fic infinitely better than it would have been otherwise. They are awesome, and any errors are my own. Feel free to point them out, or engage me in a discussion about 19th century history and colonialism! Mmm, history. <3

would you lace my shoe? paint your face bright blue? catch a kangaroo? go to timbuktu? )


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