Oct. 7th, 2003 10:49 pm
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I wrote this disturbing bit of POTC drabble.

Fear me.

Will is sleeping.

In sleep he wanders through time and mist back to that twilight cavern. In sleep Barbossa vanishes and Elizabeth disappears and skin and flesh and blood melt away and Jack sways naked and gleaming before him.

“Jack,” he says. Somehow the pirate’s smile is still sensual, somehow he still walks with the grace of a prince and the confidence of a whore.

Jack. Will watches and waits, watches the play of light on damp rock and stolen treasure and Jack’s naked dancing bones. Naked, stripped of all layers, bare to the bone and Will watches Jack smile at him and finally, finally understands.

Too late, something whispers, but he pretends he can’t hear that and instead listens to Jack’s creaking footsteps. His fingers yearn to skirt along the bars of Jack’s ribs, and he wants so badly to kiss the curved bones of Jack’s neck. Wrong, wrong, but shame is distant and Jack is here, close and shimmering and smiling.

Brittle lithe fingers stroke quick along Will’s upper lip and he shudders. Black eyes catch his and everything is as lucid and clear as the light shining through Jack’s ribs.

Suddenly the world tilts, turns bright with sunlight and the cardboard cutouts of his bonny lass and her court swarm around him. Jack stands on the edge of a cliff, and he’s alive now, all burnished skin and muscle and hot, thrumming blood, but Will can see the sunlight shining through to his bones.

Smooth paper hands tug on his sleeve, but he shakes them off. “Jack,” he says.

“Come with me,” Jack replies, and holds out a gold coin, red and wet in his palm. Will reaches to take it and wakes when their fingers touch.

Waking is a jolt back into bed sheets and wood walls, waking is lying chilled and shivering next to the beauty and warmth of his sleeping wife. "Jack," he whispers, and presses a hand hard against his eyes, and wishes that when it had mattered, he could have been able to see past Jack's skin.


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