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So, [profile] t_lyrical  last week posted this stunningly, painfully hot picture (scroll down a bit past the other awesome pics and check out the colored version) as a birthday present for [ profile] softlyforgotten, and I found myself constantly going back to admire it. This, I thought, this deserves a commentfic. LOOK AT IT. So I started writing, and then I kept writing, and kept writing... Then I stopped for a moment, and thought, 'Huh. You know, I don't think this will actually fit in the comments. WHAT HAVE I DONE.' I admit, I am incredibly nervous about posting this--my first public porn fic! I want a party. And a plaque. But then, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised this fic went into NC-17 territory, given the picture that inspired it. I'll give you a moment to go look at it again. AREN'T YOU INSPIRED? FILTHILY INSPIRED? TELL HER. MAKE HER DRAW MORE. So, yes. This is unofficially set in the alt!BPW 'verse [ profile] softlyforgotten and I created in her comments, but I think it probably can stand alone. Still, you should probably read the ficlets preceding this (here, here, and here), because Mik's Laurence and Granby are not to be missed.

ETA: I would also like to thank [ profile] fictionalfaerie , who I forced to read this at like 3 AM, even though she knew none of the characters and was fairly drunk, and she still assured me it was hot and that I was an idiot. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, GUYS. <3

Again, I am super nervous about posting the porn, so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and doted upon.

Title: Uncharted
Fandom: Temeraire
Warnings/Ratings: NC-17 threesome. Yep
Disclaimer: Not mine in the slightest.
Word Count: 5600
AN: Dedicated to [profile] t_lyrical  for being ridiculously awesome, and to [ profile] softlyforgotten for talking me down from a ledge and gently convincing me to take out the occasional purple prose that wandered in.
Summary: Tharkay watches; Laurence and Granby notice.

so i will walk without care, beat my snare; look like a man who means business )

SO YEAH, THAT HAPPENED. Now, back to the epic AUs which I have been neglecting. GUYS, STOP INSPIRING ME, SERIOUSLY. I will never get anything done at this rate.
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It just so happens that when [ profile] softlyforgotten and I ramble and glee at each other, it tends to spawn ficlets. And it was getting unwieldy going back through our epic conversations to find the bits I wanted to reread, so I thought, okay, fine. I'll just steal them all and put them in one convenient location. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THE FOLLOWING SNIPPETS, SO DON'T CONTINUE READING UNLESS YOU HAVE AT LEAST FINISHED BLACK POWDER WAR. OKAY? OKAY.

[ profile] softlyforgotten got us started by quoting a passage from BPW:

For a moment Laurence wavered on the verge; then his first lieutenant, Granby, was pulling him away. They staggered back together, Laurence half-blind and nearly falling into Granby's arms; his breath would not quite come, rapid and shallow, and his eyes were burning. Granby dragged him partway down the steps, and then another torrent of water carried them in a rush the rest of the way, to fetch up against one of the forty-two-pounder carronades on the forecastle.

Followed by her saying "I am CONVINCED that what actually should have come after that was some desperate kissing." At which I leapt in shamelessly and said OMG YES DO IT OMG. And then she did.

It begins... )

It continues... )

Still going... )

Next, there was a discussion about how Laurence would probably be fairly shameless and up for anything once you got him through that "OMG GAY SEX THE HORROR" stage, and we somehow would up talking about how Laurence would be the smugest, most possessive boyfriend ever. Which of course I could not leave alone:

And going and going... )

Like the Energizer Bunny, in a way... )

Then there is a random pining!Laurence snippet I wrote which could be slotted in wherever, I suppose. It's very random. And full of pining.

And there's still more... )

BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE, LADIES AND GENTS. No, that was all from only ONE BOOK REVIEW POST. We are prolific in our commenting, and in the next post, we sucked [ profile] t_lyrical down with us. MUAHAHAHA. I mean. It was totally unintentional. ...yes. You can see her AWESOME CROSS-DRESSING GRANBY here.

Also within this post, we began discussing the always-a-girl!trope, with me expressing doubt and [ profile] softlyforgotten urgently and convincingly campaigning for its awesomeness with snippets such as this:

And then it switched genders! )

Twice, even. )


So, unless I have missed something, those are the Epic Fic Conversations of [ profile] softlyforgotten and [ profile] novembersmith , immortalized in all their glory and typos as one massive post. All shall marvel at our crack and despair. :)

ETA: I FUCKING HATE HTML AND THE RICH TEXT EDITOR AUGH OMG. If you guys see any egregious errors, let me know. I'll be over here gibbering quietly.


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