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So, recently [ profile] adellyna had a mix exchange, and someone put up the request for a 'non-emo sociopath mix.' Damn straight, I jumped on that shit.

I'll just go ahead and put up the caveat now: I am not actually a murdering pyschopath. But I do love horror movies! And it turns out I have a number of songs in my musical selection that fits that M.O. pretty well. And, uh, if anyone else is interested, you can download it, too! Really, it's quite a cheerful-sounding mix, in my opinion.

I'll just ignore the chirping crickets and move on.

Check out this motherfucking cover [ profile] adellyna made, because she is my savior and a Photoshop goddess, whereas I barely know what a layer is. I am like a caveman, seriously.


Damn, that is some insanely menacing and yet perfectly bland and placid shit. I am in awe, you guys. MARVEL AT THAT COVER.

Anyway, for those who are interested, here's the playlist and bits of the lyrics. Basically, the album's meant to be a progression: from social disconnect, to an interest in murder, to being hospitalized, to picking out victims, and then to going cheerfully insane and actually killing them. Wow, it sounds dark when I lay it out, but seriously, the songs are all pretty upbeat!

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A list:

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So yeah, on the balance, my life is pretty amazing. Now, off to go look like a leper in public. Did I mention the blister makes me lisp? I'm such a catch, guys, seriously. And I'll probably be procrastinating like mad on cleaning tomorrow morning, so it's a safe bet I'll be fiddling around online. Sorry again for being such an e-tool, friends. I will try to make it up to you, honest. *pokes at several Word documents hopefully*


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